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 Sunday, May 6, 2018


Prescription Drug Take-Back



This past week the Geneva County Sheriff's Office, with the partnership of SpectraCare Health Systems, held another prescription drug take-back on the square in Hartford. Prescription take-back is something we started at the Sheriff's Office a few years ago when a large amount of unneeded prescription drugs was brought to us. The individual did not know where else to take them and did not want to dispose of them improperly. After contacting a friend of mine with the DEA and talking to several pharmacies, I found out that this is a huge problem.  I then talked to several people that are involved in water treatment facilities. They explained that medications often get flushed down the toilet or thrown into the trash, introducing hazardous chemicals into the environment. These medications can possibly contaminate water sources or fall into the wrong hands.  The problem commonly arises when a loved one passes away, and the family is left with a large cache of medications. I can remember when my mom passed, and the hospice nurse logged all the drugs and carried them away for proper disposal. So, I decided that helping people with proper pharmaceutical disposal is something we needed to invest in, especially now with the ongoing opioid epidemic.

A drop box for medications is now located just inside the main entrance of the courthouse which is open Monday through Friday 8-5 p.m. Additionally, someone from the Sheriff’s Office and a SpectraCare team member setup drug take-back tents in different communities throughout the county. The medication we receive is logged, locked away, and then properly destroyed in an incinerator. The date and time of incineration is also recorded. This investment in proper pharmaceutical disposal is well worth it if we can keep any amount of harmful substances out of the environment and away from curious children or opportunistic drug abusers.  

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