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Sunday, May 13, 2018


The Good Fight




I worked my first meth lab in 1993. For the next 10 years, methamphetamine investigations were a constant. I remember occasions when we’d finish one meth lab and move right on to the next one. There’d be as many as four or five in a week with an 18-hour lab scene investigation time. This did not include paperwork and preparation for prosecution. During that period, we were continuously in state and federal courts, but then the money for the drug task force began to diminish. Changes in criminal laws and sentencing guidelines followed. Eventually, Mexican methamphetamine became more prevalent than local labs, another reason we need tighter boarder security.

Time has progressed, and methamphetamine is fading away… or at least some say it is. Today opioids are among the most abused drugs in the United States, and we continue the fight. We have the best officers who make cases every day for the possession, sale, and/or distribution of controlled substances. Helping them achieve this is a new K-9 trained to sniff out illegal substances, and we're in the process locating another one to double our efforts. It’s the first time in over 20 years that the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office has had a K-9 unit. These officers do not work alone though. They are in constant collaboration with state and federal officers when pursuing these cases.

I believe drug abuse is oftentimes a choice. A choice with devastating consequences. Whether it be physical, emotional, or economical burdens, no family is immune. This includes my own family. However, we will continue the good fight. Hopefully in the future we will see more funds directed towards rehabilitation programs and new opportunities for people to get help. I know of a few new opportunities in the community that are already doing tremendous work. For the Sheriff’s Office, we will continue to go to the schools and participate in drug awareness programs and sustain our joint efforts with SpectraCare Health Systems to collect prescription drugs for proper disposal. The fight against drug abuse is a never-ending battle that oftentimes begins with a choice. A choice that may seem small at the time but later spin out of control. Thankfully, it can also be ended with a choice. A choice to break the chains and start anew, to live up to one’s God-given potential. This is the choice I wish for every person struggling with drug addiction to make.

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