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Sunday, April 15, 2018


 The Good Guy Always Wins




I grew up in the sixties, and the first television my family owned was black and white; however, when I was about 16 years old I can remember getting a color television. I predominantly watched western TV shows in which the good guy always won, and the bad guy always lost. The western books I read were written in much the same way. The good guy always won, and the bad guy always lost.  From Louis L'Amour to Zane Grey, the good fellas wore the white hat.  Gunsmokewas my favorite TV show, and yes folks John Wayne was my hero. Gunsmokeinstilled in me the vast difference between right and wrong. Echoing this, my mother always told me if I do right, then I will prosper. Her words, and the common lesson from the old westerns, “the good guy always wins and triumphs over evil,” is what led me into Law Enforcement. Thus far, it’s the perfect career choice for me.  It’s what I longed to do as a child and now what I love to do each day for the Citizens of Geneva County. Good always triumphs over evil but not without a fight. The good must make a stand, even when the odds are towering against them. That’s another thing I learned from the old westerns. At the very end when the bad guys were swarming around, the good guy always made the stand.  Like John Wayne said, “When the road looks rough ahead, remember the Man Upstairs and the word Hope. Hang onto both and tough it out.” I must admit that the road has looked tough at times in my career, but I hung onto both and toughed it out.


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